I offer five different therapeutic services. All sessions are tailored to client's needs and requirements.

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Traditional Cuddle therapy is a powerful, natural and complementary form of healing that has an incredible amount of health benefits. Do you ever feel that all you need is for someone to be present with you, to listen to you, and hold you? That is exactly what cuddle therapy is. Cuddle therapists offer clients a safe and comfortable space to receive nurturing touch and unconditional love without being judged or asked for anything in return.

Walk in the Park

I offer this session so clients can receive a version of cuddle therapy in their day to day lives. If you find that we align well during our cuddle sessions and would also like more general platonic companionship, this type of session allows for time for us to participate in fun activities or events together.

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Devastatingly, 20% of women and 4% of men in the UK have experienced some type of sexual assault since the age of 16. This kind of trauma often leaves the person who was assaulted feeling isolated, alone and scared to trust anyone to get physically close to them. These specialist sessions are designed with this in mind. If you either feel a yearning to be held by a professional or think visiting a professional to work though your touch aversion could help, please book a session.


I am continuing to offer these sessions after Covid restrictions have eased as they have been very popular and it means that you can connect with me no matter where you are in the world. Some clients also like to book a virtual session so they can get to know me before booking an in-person therapy session.


Cuddle & Connection Workshops are safe environments whereby up to 4 people can come together in the presence of a Cuddle Therapist to experience touch and emotional intimacy from one another. These sessions are designed for both romantic partners and platonic cuddle buddies. Each couple's session will be one of a kind as I will work with you beforehand to design a workshop that meets the needs and wants of your respective group.

Struggling to decide whether Cuddle Therapy is right for you?

The following two videos brilliantly illustrate the many benefits of cuddle therapy:

The next two videos, by professional cuddler Cuddle Queen Jean, demonstrates what a Cuddle Therapy session can look like:

Please note, the cuddle sessions in the above videos may not represent what you would like your ideal Cuddle Therapy session and that is perfectly fine - we will work together to tailor your session(s) to address all your wants, needs, and requirements.