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Traditional Cuddle Therapy

What is Traditional Cuddle Therapy?

Traditional Cuddle therapy is where a professional cuddle practitioner creates a safe and comfortable space and uses compassionate and nurturing touch to allow the client to relax, decompartmentalise, and heal. Cuddle Therapy creates an opportunity for a client to experience human connection and closeness without being sexually intimate. This service is about more than hugs. Each session is specifically tailored to the client's needs; the cuddle practitioner responds to the client’s feedback and bodily cues to give the client a truly transformative experience.

Where will the Cuddle Therapy take place?

Option 1: In my practice in Winchester (where I am primarily based) 

Option 2: In my practice in London (where I am based for a few days twice a month)

Option 3: At a location chosen by yourself, typically your home or a hotel. Please note, I charge a £20 per hour travel fee for outcalls



£70 per hour 

£35 per 30 minutes

Session length:

Minimum session length is 1 hour.

Please note: most clients say they feel the maximum benefit when a session is a minimum length of one and a half hours.

I can sometimes extend a session if a client asks but this option is not always possible so please state how long you would like at time of booking.

What can I expect from a Cuddle Therapy session?

Despite every cuddle session being one of a kind, you can expect that your cuddle practitioner will create an experience where you feel seen, nurtured and safe. At first, your practitioner will slowly talk you through some common cuddle positions and ask you what you are and are not comfortable with. From your verbal feedback and bodily cues, your practitioner will begin to guide you through the experience, making sure that you are comfy every step of the way. If you would like to, your cuddle practitioner will cuddle you, hold your hands, rub your back and stroke parts of your body. Although your practitioner will walk you through each session, you are in control of what happens; if you would like to have a silent session, participate in casual conversation or would like your practitioner to offer a listening ear, that is completely up to you.

Opening Hours

Monday: 9am-9pm
Tuesday: 9am-9pm
Wednesday: 9am-9pm
Thursday: 9am-9pm
Friday: 9am-9pm
Saturday: 11am-9pm
Sunday: 11am-9pm