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Group Cuddle Workshops

What are Group Cuddle Workshops?

Group Cuddle Workshops are environments where people can come together to give and receive platonic, non-sexual touch with one another. These sessions are hosted and guided by Poppy Talbot, founder of Healing Hugs in Winchester, Hampshire, UK. Each session is one of a kind as all sessions are adapted to meet the needs and wants of the group. These sessions are typically hosted once a month or every two months depending on the number of people who sign up per session.

These sessions are great for people who would like to receive touch at a lower price point than one-to-one Cuddle Therapy and also if you want to enjoy the company of like-minded people in your local area.

Please note, the cuddle environment is completely welcoming, friendly, and open-minded and you will never be expected to do anything that takes you out of your comfort zone. 


£60 per person for a 1.5 hour session

The below video shared by Andrew Broadbent, is a brilliant demonstration of what a group cuddle workshop can look like:

Next session date: 2nd July 2021, 7pm