Healing Hugs in a Nutshell

Healing Hugs is a professional cuddle practice based in both Winchester and London where people can come to experience loving touch in a warm and safe space.

I founded Healing Hugs after truly understanding that Touch Therapy was the next logical step for a wellbeing service and I believed I could help advocate for this best by becoming a Professional Cuddle Therapist myself.


Being held by someone has so many incredible benefits to a person's physical, mental and emotional health, yet, devastatingly, so many people are touch deprived in the UK.

 I offer 5 therapeutic services to my clients: Traditional Cuddle Therapy, Compassionate Companionship, Overcoming Touch Apprehension Therapy, Virtual sessions & Cuddle and Connection sessions.  Each session is tailored to my client's specific needs so you can trust that your experience will leave you feeling seen, heard, accepted and fulfilled. 

Please contact me today if you feel you could benefit from some tender loving care.



Ts&Cs, Privacy Policy & Current Covid Policy

Precautions with Covid-19:

Government guidance states that professional cuddlers can resume all their services on the 12th April 2021 as long as appropriate safety precautions are taken by both the cuddler and client. For this reason, I am ecstatic to announce that I am opening my door again to welcome clients for in person sessions! 

Please read my Covid policy to see how I am able to keep you all safe.

Please note, I am continuously reviewing the situation and government guidance as client safety is extremely important to me.


Ts&Cs and Privacy Policy

Please see Healing Hug's Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy below. To book a session you must accept the Terms of Service.

"Sometimes all you need is a hug and someone to tell you that everything will be okay"