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Providing Holistic Touch Therapy

Here at Healing Hugs, we strive to provide you with a safe and comfortable space for you to experience touch therapy.


Your Therapist

Hi, I’m Poppy and I’m the founder of Healing Hugs!


I am a professional Cuddle Practitioner and connection enthusiast, trained, certified and insured by Cuddle Professionals International with a degree in psychology and a background in health & wellbeing. I am based in the beautiful and historic town of Winchester in Hampshire, United Kingdom and I frequently host in London.  I provide a holistic therapeutic experience through a combination of warm social communication, authentic connection, and therapeutic, non-sexual, touch.

I became a professional cuddler because I understand the innate need people have for close human contact, to be listened to without judgment, and to experience emotional intimacy. Read more about my journey that led to me founding Healing Hugs in my blog. Unfortunately, not many of us receive enough of this organically - that's where a professional cuddler comes in.

Everyone deserves affection, touch and acceptance, and I want to offer you a safe space to indulge in the positive benefits that touch and a kind listening ear can provide.

If you need a positive, supportive, and caring Cuddle Practitioner, please don’t hesitate to reach out and book a session with me.

I look forward to meeting you!



I offer five different therapeutic services. Please take a look at the sessions below to see which one suits you the most. All sessions are tailored to client's needs and requirements.

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Cuddle therapy sessions offer clients a safe and comfortable space to receive nurturing touch  and unconditional love without being judged or asked for anything in return. In these sessions we first explore what kind of therapeutic touch suits you. During this time, your cuddle therapist can be holding your hand, laying with you, rubbing your back, holding you in a tender hug -  being with you in all that you are. You will leave this session feeling seen, heard and loved.

These sessions are an amazing way to have a wonderful time with your cuddle therapist in a more relaxed setting, whilst participating in activities you enjoy. These sessions are designed  to fill the client back up with all that lovely human connection everyone needs and deserves. Your cuddle therapist will still provide touch therapy and offers kind listening ears during your time together no matter the setting.

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This specialist session is for anyone who has an aversion to touch and cuddling possibly triggered by past traumatic experiences and is in a place where they would like to work through this at a pace set by them with a cuddle professional.

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These sessions offer clients a way to have companionship and learn and practice cuddling techniques  from anywhere in the world. These sessions are also great for people who would love to access a cuddling service but are worried about their health during the pandemic. I offer two types of virtual sessions so that everyone can receive what they need from each session.

Cuddle & Connection Workshops are safe environments whereby two people can come together in the presence of a Cuddle Therapist to experience touch and emotional intimacy from one another. These sessions are hosted and guided by Poppy Talbot, founder of Healing Hugs in Winchester, Hampshire, UK. Each couple's session will be one of a kind as all workshops are adapted to meet the needs and wants of the couple. 

"Hugging is powerful medicine. Studies show it reduces depression, anxiety and high blood pressure. And it’s yummy medicine – with no side effects (except goosebumps on occasion)"

- Karen Salmansohn, Best Selling Health & Wellness Author

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